Tobacco freebies

8 Apr

It should be noted that I am a nonsmoker.  That being said, promotional items for tobacco products cross my mailbox on a regular basis and I have no objection to reviewing these items.

Marlboro has sent to date a set of cheap coasters not eve worth further mention.  They also sent an excellent quality wall-mount bottle opener that I have yet to install and test.  Then there is the “Stand by your brand” steel pint.  I do not yet know what to drink from the steel pint, but it does appear to be durable.

Black and Mild sent a set of decent rubber coasters that resemble vinyl records.  I also opened a package from them and saw a pack of playing cards.  The box was deceptive in its unimpressive and substandard quality appearance.  It looked like it might contain one of those maybe-they’re-waxed-maybe-they-aren’t thin cardstock decks that come 2-for-1$ at the local dollar store.  Inside, to my delight, was a high-quality waterproof set of clear plastic playing cards of very sturdy construction.

What else might I receive?

2 Responses to “Tobacco freebies”

  1. kelvin Washington August 7, 2013 at 3:11 am #

    Love it great bandges. Hold on to the skin like a glove yes keep it going

  2. ThatsRontoYou March 26, 2014 at 9:22 am #

    That is awesome! As a former smoker–quit 7 years ago–I still get random things from cigarette companies. I don’t want to tell them I quit–I like the free stuff!

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