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Tobacco freebies

8 Apr

It should be noted that I am a nonsmoker.  That being said, promotional items for tobacco products cross my mailbox on a regular basis and I have no objection to reviewing these items.

Marlboro has sent to date a set of cheap coasters not eve worth further mention.  They also sent an excellent quality wall-mount bottle opener that I have yet to install and test.  Then there is the “Stand by your brand” steel pint.  I do not yet know what to drink from the steel pint, but it does appear to be durable.

Black and Mild sent a set of decent rubber coasters that resemble vinyl records.  I also opened a package from them and saw a pack of playing cards.  The box was deceptive in its unimpressive and substandard quality appearance.  It looked like it might contain one of those maybe-they’re-waxed-maybe-they-aren’t thin cardstock decks that come 2-for-1$ at the local dollar store.  Inside, to my delight, was a high-quality waterproof set of clear plastic playing cards of very sturdy construction.

What else might I receive?


Nexcare Waterproof Bandage Review

8 Apr

I received a sample of Nexcare Waterproof Bandages and gave them a try.  It took me two tries.  I’m used to the peel-off paper being there to protect the adhesive side.  Not the case.  On these the paper is on the non-adhesive side to help the bandage keep its shape.  The second try went smoothly.  It remained on the back of my hand for 24 hours without wrinkling or peeling.  Its was waterproof as advertised during normal use.  It should be noted that I didn’t try swimming.  It was very lightweight to the point that I almost forgot to remove it.  One downside, the adhesive grips hair like nothing else making removal painful.